Louisiana Pathology Society

The Louisiana Pathology Society was founded in 1952 by Andrew Friedrichs, M.D., Emma Moss, M.D., Ralph Hartwell, M.D., Albert McQuwon, M.D. and William Mathews, M.D. The Society was founded "to elevate the standards and qualifications of physicians engaged in the practice of pathology in Louisiana, to elevate the standards of the practice of pathology in the diagnostic laboratories throughout Louisiana, to promote the practice of medicine by a wider application of clinical laboratory methods in the diagnosis, management and prevention of disease, to develop and maintain official affiliation between this society and other branches of organized medicine, such as The Louisiana State Medical Society, The College of American Pathologists, the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and other associations or societies of pathology; these goals to be achieved through the study, education and improvement of the economic aspects of the practice of pathology and to advance the science of pathology and to improve medical laboratory service to physicians, to hospitals and to the public and to facilitate closer association of its members."

After forty nine years and untold changes in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine, the goals of the Louisiana Pathology Society remain unchanged.

Louisiana Pathology Society
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